Metal Type Identification

Any help greatly appreciated in identifying this font and foundry. As found, some of the Capital letters are mortised and only have 1 groove while all other Caps and lowers have 2 grooves. Are these all from the same set and foundry? Some letters are marked 525 on their lowers edges.
Also are the numbers 6 and 9 correct? They seem oversized compared to the other numbers.
Thanks as always!

image: 12EB2E8A-7ABE-4AAC-B010-90612332D125.jpeg


image: 4B0BEC48-FC0B-4C18-A192-3211291C9C8D.jpeg


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ATF 525 is Bernhard Gothic Medium.


The numbers look just fine.

Thanks for quick and accurate information!

Re the figures, could it be as simple as Lining and Non lining, here U.K. we have several standard Monotype
Die-cases/Matrix cases with both as standard, i.e. Lining, Non lining, . . Non Lining occasionally specified for book-work folios.!