Help setting up Adana 8x5

My other half recently purchased an Adana but we are having trouble setting it up correctly. The previous owner replaced the rollers but then never used it.
We followed some instructions we found on backing off the large screws on the back, aligning them and then using a large font in each corner to try to get a even print but we have been unable to get consistent results. We’ve managed to get ok-ish results but nothing good.

I am helping my partner out so I know the very basics, but my partner had an Adana back home (UK), that she didn’t have any issues with it but this had been set up before she bought it.
I’m not sure how to proceed and she has lost the enthusiasm to try it again. If there is anyone that could either point us in the right direction or is available to take a look at it. We are in western Sydney, I would be happy to take it to someone but I’ve not been able to find anyone that does this kind of setup.
I have a feeling we might be missing something basic as the previous machine was already set up and we may just be missing this step on the new machine.

If there is any info that’s required or if we need to run some tests through the machine to help diagnose then I’m happy to do so, but may require a break down of the steps, and terminology :) Thanks.

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Thanks, I’ll check them out.