Polymer Plate wanted for test

My, new to me, Vandercook Model 4 is in the shop and I would like to run a test print with the machine using a polymer plate.
The base is 13/16” and on top of that there is a 1/8” piece. Measured together looks like 29/32” So, I am looking for any plate that somebody has that they no longer need. I simply want to run a few tests before I go ahead and start ordering or making polymer plates.
BTW, the Vandercook has almost no wear on the rails and appears to be running properly.
Would be happy to send a few $ for shipping. Thanks.

image: IMG_6509.JPG


image: IMG_6507 copy.JPG

IMG_6507 copy.JPG

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The base you have is not a standard size (as offered by Boxcar Press, anyway, as theirs are .875” and.853” to fit their standard size plates. if yours plus the plate on top is really 29/32”, it would be too high for any relief plate. Perhaps the top surface could be removed, leaving the height at 13/16” (.8125”). It could then be underlaid to bring the base plus plate up to the proper height (.918”).

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

David send me a piece of artwork or repro of text and I will make you a polymer plate mounted and ready to print. Bob