Moving a Universal III cross country

Hi all, I am courting a beautiful Universal III up in Mendocino. I am based in Oakland right now. I am moving to Carolina mid-August. I’m wondering what the best and most economical way to move this press might be?

I am also moving all of my belongings, so if condensing Press and personal things into a Penske-type moving truck is doable, I’m open to that.

A couple questions:

Can the ribbon roller be taken off and reinstalled?

Does this press need to palletized or crated?

What is the best way to get it down 3 or 4 stairs, into the truck, and then off again at its destination? The press owners have many suggestions, a device called a come along to pull it onto the truck, a palate jack, and a system to roll it out of the studio over the stairs.

Suggestions for professional riggers who can send it cross county?

Thanks so much!
E. “Oscar” Maynard
Tender Heart Press

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The tower comes off quite easily. You only need to loosen two nuts and pull it upward and off. I would highly recommend a professional rigger to get it onto and off of your truck and to fit it correctly on a sturdy pallet. Be sure it is stable and secured in the vehicle so it isn’t a danger to you or itself.