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This is perhaps a bit of a long shot, but I’m hoping this community can help me out. As a general preface, my late grandfather worked independently for many years using a linotype. I have fond memories of visiting him in his shop and being completely mesmerized by the enormous and complex equipment he used to create slugs with my name on them. Every Christmas, everyone in my family would receive a set of personalized notepads that we all used throughout the year. Before he passed, he closed his shop down, and as offset and digital printing took off there was really nobody in our town doing letterpress printing. So for over a decade, we have been without our favorite notepads.

I was hoping to rekindle this tradition, but I am finding it difficult to track down any independent typesetters and printers that do this type of work. I have found many business cards and wedding invitations, but not a lot of custom notepads. The pads I am looking to have produced would be quite simple. Basically, in the top corner, two lines that read:

A note from…


I came across this site after I located this thread ( that appears to be talking about exactly what I was looking for, mrgreenjeans74 in particular. I was hoping that someone here might be able to provide this service for me, or at the very least steer me in the direction of someone who does this type of work.

Thank you all so much in advance for your help!

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This is a nice memory and idea! I’m sure you’ll find many people on here who make notepads or would make them — I’m one of them! :)

Feel free to send me an e-mail: [email protected] (.co is correct, not a typo!)

Hello I am the mrgreenjeans your looking for! I do letterpress printing as a hobby now, was a in the business in the 70’s. Scratch pads are a item I do print a lot of. Everything is hand set from the case and I have 200+ linecuts that can be used also. You are welcome to contact me at 440-346-4505
my name is Mike and located in NE Ohio. Best time would this weekend as I am out of town right now. Or send me a message with your contact info and a good time to call and we can talk about your project.

Correction: Best time would “be” this weekend, thanks. Thats why printers have 2 or 3 people proof read copy. My brain likes fill in the missing words.

Add to previous comment: I sell pads for $1.50 with 50 sheets each. Bob 705-489-2036.

If all else fails, gimme a shout through Briar Press’ messaging system. I am not as skilled as most here, but I have a press and could probably produce a small order of notepads to your liking. I’d most likely make them out of Flurry cotton paper with a nice ampersand logo (for Amerpsand Storybooks). What kind of binding do you want though? I don’t do spiral binding, but I could do the rubber cement type stuff. I usually just print a stack of loose leaves for this purpose which works fine for desktop use… not so good for pockets though.

Thank you all so much for your quick and thoughtful responses! I had no idea there were so many people that are willing and able to help out with such a niche project.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that through this thread I have found someone that lives right up the road from me and is willing to take this on. If for whatever reason things don’t work out, I will certainly keep all of you in mind. Also, I hope that this thread is useful to others in my situation, and I hope that it will help to send some new projects your way.

You have a wonderful little community here, and I am grateful for all of your help. Thank you!