Chandler & Price 8”x12” motor

Hello all!
I recently bought a Chandler & Price 8”x12” press. It’s the old style (as near as I can figure, it’s from 1901/1902). It has the knuckle for a treadle but it’s missing the rest of the assembly. I’m assuming at some point it was converted to use a motor. I’ve been reading up on what motors to use on the forum. I do want to pose a question regarding the motor: Is it possible to connect the motor to the flywheel (in lieu of using a belt)? I’m thinking of a wheel with a rubber tread attached to the motor shaft that’ll spin the flywheel. Is that a viable solution?

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It can be done that way, but you would need a firm rubber wheel and a strong spring to hold the drive wheel in solid contact with the flywheel. The friction point with that setup is a narrow band of contact between the drive and driven wheel instead of about 1/3 to 1/2 of the two sides of a V-pulley driving a V-belt or a crowned flat pulley driving a flat belt. You would also benefit from using rosin to increase the friction.


Thank you Bob! That certainly helps!

I have often thought of that method but am happy with a flat belt. Every once in a while things may get out of line and you have to fiddle with it but fiddling with stuff is what I do this for.