Detaching flywheel on Golding Pearl #11 Presses

Does anyone have tips for removing the flywheel on these presses for transport?

I’ve read that I need to remove a pin first, but I’m having trouble locating a pin on both of these presses (I’ll try to attach photos here). Could it be that the pins are missing from these flywheels?

Press #2 (also attached) looks like it had a motor at some time? Any ideas of how to get these ring attachments off?

My original plan was to move these presses in parts, as my studio is up a flight of stairs. But if you suggest I move these presses in one piece, based on the photos, let me know.

Thanks for any advice!

image: press1.jpg


image: press1-flywheel.jpg


image: press1-flywheel-groove.jpg


image: press2.jpg


image: press2-flywheel2.jpg


image: press2-flywheel-screws.jpg


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I’ve moved many presses of this same model. If I’m moving them of any distance (not like across the shop/room) I always break them down into three pieces. Flywheel……Base…..Press. The pulleys and flywheels should have a square headed bolt you loosen to remove them. The main press is bolted to the base with 4 bolts. I also always close the press and run a scrap around it so it can’t open while moving. You still will need two people to move the main press, it’s heavy!!! Always be careful, move the items low & slow, and strap things down good when moving. Even if your using a cart to pull items up the flight of stairs, over strap it down!!! You don’t need something moving that shouldn’t half way up/down the stairs!!!! Steve - Liberty Press

Great advice Steve, thanks! And I’ll definitely be strapping things down with the move! Not looking forward to those stairs…

there aren’t any more set screws or maybe a crew collar in from the side?

there aren’t any more set screws or maybe a crew collar in from the side?

Once you remove the collar the flywheel may slide easily off the shaft - in which case all well and good.
Mine didn’t (Pearl no.1) - the groove in the flywheel was fairly well stuck on the spline of the shaft.
Don’t be tempted to whack the flywheel with a hammer to try and loosen it - things can break! A local engineer removed it easily and smoothly using a clutch remover.
Hope your studio floor is good and solid. My printing partner and I started our press with a Pearl no.1 and associated type etc on the first-floor of a Victorian town house in London - until the landlord came round!
Good luck!