Adjustable Truck Wrench

Howdy all — I bought a set of Morgan Adjustable Roller Trucks for my C&P10x15. When the box arrived, the adjustment wrench was missing. The seller sent a picture of a wrench he has but was unsure if it was correct or not. Would anyone know if this wrench is correct? See attached image below.

thank you


image: Wrench_MorganExpansionTrucks.png


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That’s the same wrench mine came with.

thank you TheArm

I have 2 of those I bought with some other wrenches. Let me check when I get home. If it is the correct size I can send it to you. No charge. I don’t use it, no adjustable trucks.

great, thank you Mike


Here is the wrench I have. Email me your address if you want it.


image: IMG_2236.jpg