Nuarc NL22-B8 Imaging system

Hello, wondering if anyone can help. I am looking for a good used polymer plate maker for my Heidelberg windmill and I came across a Nuarc NL22-B8. I’m new to the game so I am hoping someone can help me understand if this (assuming it works) is a good model and would do the job

Thanks so much


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Polymer plates require UV light for exposure.

You may want to investigate further, but likely the Nuarc model you mentioned is meant for offset plates.


Thank you Michael. Makes sense. Any thoughts on the type/make of plate maker I should be looking for. I’d be happy with DIY plans

Thanks again


JDWilson, The Nuarc machine is an exposure unit, it needs to have the correct spectrum bulb for photopolymer plates.This means it only exposes the plates.So you would have to washout your plates by hand,blow dry and post expose your plates for this kind of machine. A platemaker is a different beast usually they are a self contained machine which has a wash out tank, a exposure unit, and drying units all in one machine and they are pricey. If you can I would take a class
and then make your choice then. Best james

James — can someone A) get their hands on the right spectrum bulbs and B) install them in a Nuarc?

I ask as someone who is potentially willing to hand-wash plates if I can get a good exposure and save money. :)

AnnieW, Yes you can get the correct bulb for the photopolymer
plates. Usually these plate burners came with a bulb for offset plate exposing. In the housing that holds the bulb will more than likely have a glass protector in front of the bulb,this will have to be removed so you can get to the bulb.It should have a switch that press’ up against the glass for proper use. The glass is there so you are protected from the bulb exploding. The bulb should come with white gloves use these to keep your greasy fingerprints off the bulb. I’d go the Nuarc site and gor from there. best james