Contents of a font

Can someone please refer me to a chart that details the number of characters in a certain font: eg, 3a, 6A, 12a etc? I know I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember where! many thanks

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Howdy Geoff. I am by no means an expert.Virgin Wood Type has a nifty online reference tool:

or some Font Scheme info I have collected via dropbox:


Geoff, First step for Your quest could well be, contact our (U.K. based) Alembic Press >well listed and documented< they have amassed an amazing archive most things letterpress, including Type Font synopsis/synopses! and strength, given the request They will almost certainly E mail a resume, in line with Your needs.
[email protected]

…and M&H Type and Skyline Type each have links to their own font schemes on their websites.

I wonder if this is what you’re looking for?

Thank you everyone for your help - I’ll follow up on your suggestions. (What a wonderful forum this is!).