Metal Type Marking and ID

I have this in 18, 24 and 30 pt. I think it’s Bondoni Open Title. All three are marked with “54” on the H’s. There’s a lot of Balto, ACME, Chicago and ATF type, but the haven’t found anything with the “54” mark. Is this Bondoni Open? Any Idea on the maker?

Also have the same three sizes in Goudy Open with upper and lower cases. No markings that I can find.

image: 30ptBodoniOpen54.jpg


image: 3ptsizesBodoniOpen.jpg


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The typeface shown in the first photo is ATF Bodoni Open. Correct ATF number is 544.


Thank you for the ID and correcting my spelling. The other 4 must have been left off.

I remember mixing the Goudy and Bodoni opens together for a customer. Close