Heidelberg Windmill

I am very interested in purchasing a Heidelberg Windmill press. However, I do not have a garage so I am wondering if there is anyway to move one through a regular doorway because of the size (I do not have a garage). Does anyone have experience doing this?

Thank you!

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Where your putting it hold 2400 pounds ?

No way will it fit through a regular doorway. I suggest hiring a carpenter to cut out a wall, move the press in and replace the wall.

sure will go through a door, take of front bed, flywheel and shaft and if you need even more take of the delivery side cover and swing-down table. Done this loads of times.

I am not certain where it will go yet but this info is all helpful. Thanks you. I do know that cutting a hole in a wall would not be an option though :-)

It would be better to add a room or a garage. I would NOT disassemble the press.

I’d rather not disassemble a press unless absolutely needed. Sometimes best to take out the door frame or a part of the wall and rebuild it later.

I agree with Nick Howard. I only did it once but do not recall that it was any major problem. Of course it was 1979, which I find is 40 years ago, so maybe my memory is bad.