Embossing counter

I am trying to figure out how you create the clearance for the embossing counter. We are using a 20pt Lettra stock. With smaller text 14-20 point what do you do the make sure the counter fills the center voids of text o’s and a’s. I am not sure how to go about this and wonder how you out there do it for your projects. We are a little new to embossing and want to figure out a good way the counters for embossing. We know we can have our vendor make them but what if we need to do to create our own, what should be do. I guess what do YOU do.

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I have used acrylic nail powder with pretty good success, I was told about this from Metal Magic when I had a combo foil/emboss job to get out for a customer right away. It worked very well.
After finding position for die, I stick gray board to the platen (Windmill) scuff it up with sandpaper then mix up the acrylic powder with the liquid hardener, I smear it on the gray board, cover the “goop” with a piece of foil (backwards) to keep acrylic from sticking to die. Then I close up the press on impression and let is sit until it hardens. You now have a counter die. I am going to get some thin epoxy board and try making one on that so I might be able to reuse it. My wife gets the powder and hardener from the Beauty Supply store. costs about less than $20 for both parts. Give it a try.
I will be demonstrating this and some foil stamping at the Printers’ Hall this September 11-14, 2019.
See this link http://www.briarpress.org/3471