10x15 C&P Craftsmen Rollers

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get rollers made for a 10x15 C&P Craftsmen? They have a little ball spring on the ends of the shafts to hold the bearings on. Are those ball springs really necessary?

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Hi Michael,
I have a 1946/47 10x15 Craftsman and I don’t have the ball springs on the end. The bearings sit in the recesses of the saddles and prevent them from moving laterally on the core. Perhaps you have a different year with a different setup for the bearings/saddles?

I’d check in w/ Todd at www.toddspresstime.com. He made 4 new rollers with new cores for less than recovering my old cores at other places (almost 4 years ago). It’s nice to hot have to send in your old cores if you don’t have to. No ball springs though, but maybe he knows what you need.

I have a couple of Todd’s rollers, they are nicely made

I recently-ish bought rollers for my front-delivery Craftsman from NA Graphics, there were no ball bearing retainers on the ends. They would probably just make it easier to install and remove the rollers.

I had an original set of rollers too, nothing special on them either.

Thanks for the reply’s. I contacted Todd for them. I didn’t even think about him for this.

He made my Kelsey 9x13 rollers. Now I just need to get a set made for my Young America Secretary press.

Ramco rollers in california are great. I bought a pair oof them a few years ago. They qe very nice people and offer a great product.

Gerald JennyEr