Paper Guides for FAG Standard TP-510 in Europe

Hi all,
for our FAG Standard TP-510 we need a few paper guides. And as shipping cost from the US to Belgium are quite high I’m looking for a solution in Europe.

Does anyone has any spare parts/paper guide you might be willing to sell or does anyone know where can I possibly get them (I’ve already sent an email to FAG is Switzerland but they didn’t have any…)

Thank you in advance,
best wishes,

image: 49897091_2364865803585809_3004832014466547712_n.jpg


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Armina, Our *Senior Graphics* in the U.K. may possibly be able to help in Your quest:-

Senior graphics - [email protected]<

international landline number,! +44 1924 386386

Good Luck. Mick.

Dear Mick,

thank you! I’ll contact them straight away,

best wishes,

the little copper parts? jeweler’s saw and some sheet copper or brass. I made several for my Vandercook many years ago, still fine