Desktop Hot Foil Machine

I have been a graphic designer for close to 10 years. For the past 4 years my wife and i have been running a small event stationery studio.

With the ever increase and demand for letterpress and hot foil we are looking at getting our machine.

I was wondering if you had any recommendations on any easy to use/learn desktop hotfoil machines?

I have attached images of 2 that i have seen other studios use online but cant find their name or where to source one from.


image: 20190123_123214 (1).jpg

20190123_123214 (1).jpg

image: 20190123_123141 (1).jpg

20190123_123141 (1).jpg

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The top machine is a KSF3 from Metallic Elephant in the UK. Last I checked the price was about £2,600 plus taxes/duties and shipping.

The bottom machine is probably a John Marshall machine. You can inquire about those machines through Metallic Elephant as well as they often have some that are refurbished and available for sale.

Where are you located?


Does any one know about the fromm Hot foil/ embossing or similar manual presses? there are no rollers to hold the foil? The pressure is 3ton + but I worry about how to operate.

image: 2018-04-07-PHOTO-00002312.jpg


A while back I tried to purchase a Kraus like this but each time I get into it, it ends up not available, or with missing parts. Same questions for this manual press.

image: 1.JPG


one more -not really desk top, but probably too much machine for me. you can see it in action youtube (any comments or some one who has used??)

image: G-182-3265-01.jpg


Also a designer and looking to incorporate foil into my designs and finally took the dive and bought a second hand hot foil platen press from ebay.

I made a little video about it here -

overall they are pretty simple machines, there is little to maintain, the one I bought hadnt been used for years and i fired it up no problems and have been doing test prints with it and all is good

where abouts are you based?