Best Vehicle/Trailer 10x15 C&P Press Move

best moving vehicle/trailer option

Hi Folks,

I’m preparing to move a 10x15 C&P about 2,000 miles across the country.

Looked through all discussions and seems like a 5x9’ UHaul utility trailer is the best route.

Is this really what I want to be doing given the mileage and the climate? It’s a gamble to assume that over a three-day trip there will be no snow/rain.

It seems like transporting in a UHaul van is not recommended due to limited tie-down support. Doesn’t seem like a 4’x10” door entry to a covered 5x9’ UHaul trailer would work either.

I moved with UBoxes once and the process was fantastic. Not a single item of mine was broken. I’m debating doing this. Their weight limit is 2k.

I have an amazing mover who is very experienced loading and unloading the press so my concern is not about how to do that. It’s purely in the choice I make for vehicle or trailer.

Many thanks!

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2,000 miles… I would buy a capable, used, trailer to do the job then sell it upon completion… prob come out better in the end… You can then modify the trailer for proper tie-downs.

Stretch wrap.

An open trailer is the best option for tying things down. Buy a roll of stretch wrap, strap the press down really well with ratchet straps, and go to town with the stretch wrap. The more the merrier.

Don’t use the “hardware store” ratchet straps, pick up some 1 1/2” or 2” straps. I was taught that the point of strapping something down really well isn’t to keep it from falling over or from falling off the trailer in a hard turn, but rather to keep the whole mess together should your trailer depart ways with your tow vehicle. Better to present a single projectile to oncoming traffic.

My biggest concern would be leaving the thing unattended in a hotel parking lot over night.

One more thing: if you can, put the press on a wooden skid. It will make the press more stable on the trailer. I stuck mine on a skookum wooden pallet, where it still lives to this day.

image: 10x15movein.jpg


Over the past decades, here U.K. we have moved a variety of Machines, Printing press,s Typecasting machines etc.,?

We learned a long time ago. *** (the hard way) that irrespective of what form of transport we were using, all the ratchet straps, in the world, including Cable Winches, were and could be ineffective and potentially dangerous, if at least one *Tourniquet* was taken around one cross member per strap, akin to one turn around a capstan, and this even when we were strapped/stropped down in *X* format, ***>INERTIA< is a very powerful force.

Your, Lisa Kelly knows the score. ???

as maybe touched on above…. tie the press shut….

Having just moved a 10x15 a few weeks ago (and apparently lived to tell the tale) I’d strongly advise going to the UHaul 6x12 open trailer, with the double axle. For a long drive especially, it’s a more stable pull, less anxiety about the effects of wind and passing trucks.

In addition to the above, with a few extra *Tweeks*! Possibly hire (as per G.B.s, suggestion above) 4 wheel twin axle trailer, but with the added advantage of Tilt Bed and specifically, built in Winch, ideally electric from the tow vehicle,s power source.
With the (if possible) inclusion of -Snatch Block- facilities.?
Looked up under that very heading, but means multiplying the winch capacity by almost 100%. Double the pulling power but half the speed, for positioning the dead-weight, exactly over the twin axles.
Generally the upmarket Trailers have removable side Panels, to expose *ring bolts* and/or transportation hooks, to shackle the M.c,s down, securely. Then sheeted down with industrial Tarpaulin, to pick up the same Ring Bolts, Hooks etc.

I still believe that for the cost of the rental,,, you would come away ahead by buying and selling. rather total loss of renting… what if something happens and you have leave press on the trailer a few extra days,,,weeks…

I moved a windmill and a Challenge 305 cutter cross country a few years back. Both were skidded, and plywood crated. They shipped by Estes LTL in an enclosed semi.
Great experience, I didn’t have to worry about moving it myself, and no damage. I rented a forklift to unload at my end.