Brain freeze!

I’ve had a brain freeze! I was trying to explain to someone that the particular type I’m working with on a project (16pt Monotype Polyphilus) looks better without leading between the lines and I cannot for the life of me remember the correct phrase - is it “set tight”? 30 seconds of Googling directed me down a rabbit-hole of digital typesetting so I was obviously asking the wrong question there; instead I thought I’d go straight to the Oracle and save myself time….

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Set solid was term I was familar with.

That’s the one; thanks Frank

Poliphilus is all very well, but have you looked at Blado Italic,
now theres a lovely face with striking character, and supposed by the Blessed Corporation to work with Poliphilius as its italic.
Indeed set solid is the right phrase by the way. Both in the jobbing trade and the book trade.