Golding Official no. 4 casting spikes?

I was giving my Golding Official No. 4 a onceover today, and noticed 2 nubs? spurs? spikes? sticking out of the sides of the back of the casting. Since nothing interacts with them, I’m stumped as to what they were for. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! See the following photos for context.

image: goldingspike2small.jpg


image: goldingspikesmall.jpg


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Those are used for large springs when they use the same casting for the map press of this size. The map press model is no. 9. This was only done late in the model run as a cost saving measure, which means you have a late model no. 4.

Very interesting, Thank you John!

When I searched my serial number, it dated to aproximately 1922, which is probably when the last Official 4’s were being assembled.

John knows his presses

image: CIMG2155 (2).JPG

CIMG2155 (2).JPG