Help Identifying C&P

I recently acquired a C&P (think its an 8x12) and found the serial number but I don’t see it on any of the lists. Can anyone help me to identify if this is old or new style and if you know what year it was made? Thanks in advance!

image: IMG_2873.jpeg


image: IMG_2872.jpeg


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so because it says B1 that’s how you figured it out? there is no b1454 on the list?

The number that’s shown is the starting serial number for that year. It doesn’t show all the numbers, there wouldn’t be enough space as there were thousands of machines made.
1906 year production runs from B519-B1725. B1454 was probably manufactured somewhere toward the end of the year.

amazing! thank you! So it’s old style correct?

Yes, absolutely. There’s nothing wrong with that btw. We had one in our shop we used daily for reproduction proofing, a 10 x 15. We got beautiful work off of it, as good as any Vandercook. You can tell instantly it’s an old style by the rounded side arms (new style are flat) and the curved spokes on the flywheel (operators side). New style has straight spokes. Good luck! What are you planning to print on it?

the curved spokes of flywheel are a solid hint towards “Old Style”

This site has all kinds of info on C&Ps.

If you do the math, 1836 presses of your size were made in 1906. Yours was made approximately in May 1906.

Mike, I think you pulled the production counts from the 10 x 15 columns.

No bppayne, only bad math. Presses with the letter B as the first number are 8x12. Actually 1207 were made, not 1836. His should have been made in August of 1906. I have one made in 1900.

I wished I had kept our 10x15 old style; it was a great press in great condition. We sold it because it was excess equipment at the time. Oh well.
On a more serious note, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of C&P history out there. I knew the last VP out in California, he passed a couple years ago. Usually a University would have the former history and papers of the defunct company, ie Hoe or Cottrell. -Bruce