Moving a Vandercook IV

This may sound crazy, but is it possible to move (a relatively short distance) a Vandercook by propping it up on its front end? I have moved it twice already by using a pallet jack and removing the table. The potential new move may involve a small elevator and the only possible way of getting it in is by standing it up on end. Crazy yes. Possible? How would I go about doing it?

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Updated. You could try posting on the vanderblog ( to get it from the experts, but this sounds to me like a bad idea.
I can only guess about all the little parts here and there that may be put under stress in ways they were not desinged for by being put in that position. I can think of two more specific reasons. The motor may not like being upright, and may lose its oil, etc.
The vandercooks are very top heavy, and putting it on end may greatly increase the chances that it would flip over completely, which would be disasterous.
You would almost have to take it apart in order to do this properly.
Just my own opinion, but it sounds pretty risky.
good luck

I guess I planned on taking it apart. When I moved it last it was still being restored and I had the motor, table and roller carriage off so it was essentially the bed and base. Maybe it doesn’t help as the top heaviness is definitely my main concern. Even with a great deal of weight off it, it may be too difficult.

I once upon a time helped a neighbor printer jack up a press as such for a short trip up on an elevator. Problem was we had to leave someone in the elevator under the jacked up press.

Nothing happened, thank god, but this is about the dumbest thing you could do.