Free Heidelberg Black Ball Windmill

I had a party from Denver interested in this press and I am now unable to locate their contact information. I believe they had someone come to Silverton and check it out.
Much of the in-town snow has melted and access is once again possible. I would appreciate hearing from the Denver people to tell me if they are still interested or if not anyone else who might be interested.
There are still other things available: couple of nice lino mag stands, Elrod, Ludlow (with two cabinets of mats) a dozen or so questionable lino magazines with mats.
We need to get this place emptied out. A springtime trip to the Rockies would be a great adventure!
More information in my December 15, 2018 posting..

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Good afternoon.
Interested in the Ludlow and Ludlow/ Linotype mats.
I have problems sending emails thru briarpress, so could you contact me at [email protected].