Heidelberg T Platen Group 32 Tilting Feed Table Device Wanted

I am looking for a Heidelberg T Platen Group 32 Tilting Feed Table Device for printing paper bags as shown on page 111 of the original manual.
If anyone has one laying around let me know how much you would want for it.
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If you are only doing short runs, 4,000 or less it is possible to use different wooden wedges at the back of the bags on the feeder, and pull them out gradually as the pile goes down. Think outside the box, there is more than one way to skin a cat !!

Heidelberg made a product called Justfeed for printing presses. Find a video online. It compensated for the change in stack hight. They were kind of costly so I made my own out of plastic and load springs. I ran envelopes for 5 years with it. It was not made for the windmill but the concept is the same.

Still looking for attachment, I have 10,000 of these zip lock bags to print 2 sided and I can only load about 12 in the press at a time the photo has 25 in that stack Ive tried using a big wedge and it does not work to well
I also have to grip the zip lock end or my boxcar base will close the zip lock
Any other suggestions?

image: Bags 1.jpg

Bags 1.jpg

Hello, do you think a device called a “Christmas tree” would work? On B P search Christmas tree Heidelberg and a discussion and a picture will come up, I do have an extra if interested. Bud 559 730-1596 Calif time.