Golding Official Map

I’ve just bought a Golding Official 12 (map) and am beginning to get it cleaned up and working. The seller had never printed with it, and gave me 3 chases and various other parts. Unfortunately, 2 of the chases appear to be 8x12 C&P chases that won’t fit in the bed. The third, stamped Golding No. 6, just doesn’t seem to fit right (too small) and the interior measurement is just 8 x 12. I’m guessing it’s for a No. 6 Golding Jobber. Or am I just doing something wrong?

I’ve got the message loud and clear that there aren’t a whole lot of these presses around. Can anyone give me an idea of a source for a chase? I contacted Andrew Churchman who said that if he had one he wasn’t sure he’d be willing to sell it. I assume that fabricating one is an option, and at that stage I’d be looking for someone who has one of these to take a tracing of the chase.

Aside from this puzzle, the press is in quite good shape, so I’m really looking forward to getting it working (and to honing my skills at producing a tight lockup).

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just to be clear you have a number 12 map
the number 6 official chase may fit to.
there was one slight change in chase size over the years, I know of.

Have you tried contacting John Barrett at Letterpress Things? It may be a long shot, but I seem to remember that he has had a map press or two over the years. On a related note - would you be willing to part with the C&P chases?

I have one spare of that chase that I could part with for $120 including shipping. Let me know if that suits you.

I also have a few other parts for that press. Are you missing anything else?


image: map press chase

map press chase

Wow, thanks to all of you!. Extra, extra thanks to Todd for the advice over the last few days that got me this far.

With some tinkering around, I finally got the No. 6 chase snug enough so that it will work without loosening up or falling out. There’s clearly a RIGHT and a WRONG to getting the chase locked onto the bed and I’m getting the hang of it.

DGM: I’d like to have a second chase, so that suits perfectly, and I’m most grateful. I’ll message you separately.

BillWhitely: Yes, the C&P chases are surplus to my needs right now, since I just got a couple from a friend for my own 8x12 OS. Message me directly and we can make a deal.