Roller Height, is it the trucks? / Roller Gage

I have a C&P 10x15 Craftsman. Two of the rollers it came with have white trucks (Derrin trucks?) Two have metal trucks.
When I tried printing with the two white truck rollers only (bc I was troubleshooting), the rollers inked up but didn’t deposit any ink on my polymer plate (Boxcar Deep Impression Base, 152 plates). I removed the old strip of tape and used the roller gage to check height. The gage had zero stripe from ink deposited on it. I’m guessing it’s the trucks. Any ideas? Thanks!

image: 8C0D6D03-B67B-4F43-80D8-8651DF95230A.JPG


image: 89ACEB74-800A-4403-9C16-EECB069099B6.JPG


image: IMG_2880.JPG


image: IMG_2991.JPG


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Think like the press.
The trucks are keeping the rollers too high and not allowing the rollers to ink the plate.
Check the diameter of the trucks and rollers. They should be the same. Place the roller with truck on a very flat surface. On the stone if you have one. On a glass top table. Place a flashlight behind the roller and see if light shines under either the roller or the trucks. You cannot easily adjust the diameter of either one. What else can you do to allow the roller to contact the plate? Think like the press…
Bring the plate up to meet the rollers. One or two sheets of copy paper under the plate will make it higher and come to meet the roller.
Cut the sheet to the size of the base and attach it. Unlock the form and allow the chase to set down the thickness of the copy paper and re-lock. Do not just tuck a sheet of copy paper behind the chase.
Is the 152 plate the correct plate for the deep impression base? If it is a standard impression plate on a deep impression base, the combination is not high enough to take ink.

Get some ink on your shirt,

Thanks you @inky. I am about to troubleshoot using your suggestions. I will report back to see if I’ve found answers.

The boxcar base and plates both correspond to my C&P press as per consultation from folks at Boxcar.

I like your opening statement. Think like the press. Thanks.

Ok. I have four rollers. Two have metal trucks that measure 42 (I don’t know the unit of measurement, used a caliper) and two white trucks measure 44.

I printed with only the two metal rollers and I was able to get an impression. (Question about impression on separate post.)

I would like to use three rollers on my press. Is there a way of knowing the correct truck size if I were to purchase two more?

Still think like the press. What do the rollers and trucks do?
The trucks and rollers are to be the same diameter. Thus the rollers tell you.
When you get them the same size we can go from there to get a good even impression

Get some ink on your shirt