Ordering rollers from Caslon

I’m researching getting some rollers & trucks for an Adana Quarto…I’ve been referred to Caslon and I’m in the U.S.

Does anyone know how to order from them? I have emailed once but no response yet. Starting to wonder if they don’t serve outside of the U.K. Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Remember the time difference and weekend hours. I’m sure they can help you. If you have the roller cores, any company that recovers rollers can also do the work for you. Just measure the trucks (Brits will call them “runners”.) Or get dimensions from another owner of the Quarto on this list.

John Henry

Thank you John. I wasn’t thinking about the time change & holidays etc. I will hold tight! - mb

Caslon tend to do most of their business by telephone - including receiving orders. I share your frustration as I’d much rather email than speak so I can ensure I’ve got everything right, but that’s the way they work and it’s served them well for a long time now.

I ordered from Caslon and they shipped to Texas. Had no problems and they took PayPal so money exchange was no problem. And the rollers were correct for my Adana #2. Their on line catalog and web page is all that is needed to place an order.