need help with my CP Pilot

I finally set up my Pilot press and can’t figure it out. Does anyone know of a great resource for the Pilot specifically. I took a class a while ago and I think I am doing most everything right but I need some help.
I’m in the NYC area. Thanks.

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Updated. Have you checked out Don Black’s Site. It has a lot of info about small presses, Kelsey, but the info should still apply.
Also the owner/operator manual for Pilot Press is on Boxcar Site. (PDF)

I also have a Pilot Press.
Hope this helps & good luck.

Lana, you don’t say what the problem(s?) are. Are you having impression problems? Do there seem to be parts missing? Are you not getting proper inking? More specifics would make it easier to try to help. I’ve used several Pilot-like presses so I think I can help get it sorted out.

Bob, Ad Lib Press

Well I can’t get any impression. It seems the grippers are in the way. I move the tympan base area closer in but there is a huge gap between the tympan and the plate when I pull the lever down.

Also when I took that class I remember that when I pulled the lever down there would be an extra click downwards. My press does not seem to do that extra click and its the same press.

I bought this press in great condition and I was told it was ready to start working. I think the problem is with what I am doing not the press. Or just some minor adjustments need to be made.

Check the lever to be sure there isn’t something in the way that’s preventing it from going all the way down. It should move the part it’s attached to toward the back of the press until it is aligned with the two links that attach to the platen. If it’s doing that you could try removing the grippers to be sure they aren’t the problem. I assume you’re printing either with type or with a type-high plate — wood mounted or otherwise made the right thickness. The printing surface of the plate should be at the same height as the rails the roller trucks roll on.

I don’t know about any “click” when you move the arm. It could have been the grippers slapping against the platen, or it could have been something that wasn’t properly adjusted. Be sure the lever arm you pull is tight on the shaft it’s attached to — there is a set screw on the bottom end. If it’s loose and slipping when you pull it that will also make the impression not work right and could make a “click”.

Thank you very much. I will check all of this when I am at my press later this week.

Hi Lana,
I have a manual for the C&P Pilot on my Flickr page. It might be helpful.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Problem solved.

How did you solve the problem?