Hot Foil Stamping Machine any good on Amazon / ebay ?

Has anyone bought and/or used one of the cheaper hot foil stamping machines being offered new off of amazon and ebay? They generally cost between $100-$200 which seems very cheap. Would love to hear how well they work as they seem like quite a steal.

Also looking for anyone with any other experiences with a new/used tabletop foil stamping machine that they’ve had good results. I am looking to do custom plates, so a larger size would be preferable.

Amazon examples:

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large plates and cheap don’t do well together. ev press has a “Tonnage” or total amount of pressure that they can apply. the more area you want to stamp, the less pressure can be applied to that image without over pressuring the press. IE bending or breaking it. Many letterpress stocks need a lot of pressure for full foil coverage. fine type will be better than large areas. I use a stopwatch with mine,or metronome. time on impression is up to the user, but is a very important aspect of foil stamping.