C&P Info wanted

My siblings and I have inherited a Chandler and Price Press. We cannot find a model # but we do see some dates, May 85 and June 1899. Can anyone help with information on this? We really are not sure what to do with it. Is this a collectors item? Any information is appreciated please contact me at [email protected].

image: C&P.JPG

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This is a New Series C&P (After 1911 or so). Looks like an 8x12 but measuring the inside of the case will give you that. Sizes are 7x11(only available in Old Series), 8x12, 10x15, 12x18 and 14.5x22 (all in inches). There is a serial number on the top left corner of the bed. A list of serial numbers and years the presses were made is available here: http://www.greendolphinpress.com/letterpress-faq.html#3.04

This is not a particularly rare press, but it is a great press to use.