Pilot Press

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what a Chandler and Price Pilot- New Style- goes for in price these days? The press is in fairly good condition. I just bought it for $400.00 and want to know where that falls in terms the worth of it.

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$400 is not too bad. Depending on where and when you can find them they go for anywhere between free and $1200 (on ebay!) from what I have seen.

I got lucky and mine was $50 (10 x 15 C&P new style). I did take a lot of effort to get it out of the print shop (rotten wood floors) and onto the trailer (broken come-a-long). Almost killed me! Literally! 1800 lbs of cast iron is no joke!

Now you need to go to NA Graphics web site and get all of your necessary supplies! Did anything else come with the press?

Based on supply and demand for a Pilot, I think you got it for an honest price. I paid the same amount of $400 for mine, and it included about 30+ drawers of type so I thought it was a steal.
Even if they are “in good condition,” paying $1000+ for a Pilot seems ridiculous considering a can of WD-40 is worth less than $5.


Thank you both!