No. 0 Vandercook Proof Press

Howdy all. A couple of questions regarding cleaning this press. I have attached a few photos:

1) If I can get those rubber stops (green circles) off the end of the rails, will the carriage just roll off the end?

2) The nuts on the side of the carriage plate (yellow circles) , I assume, are holding the wheels in place under the rails. Is it okay to remove those for cleaning?

3) The screws (aqua circles) on the side carriage plate, do those adjust something?

Thanks all. Tony

image: No0_Vandercook_Carriage_SidePlate_6716.jpg


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#1 Yes, #2 Yes, though the wheels are bearings and the bolts are eccentric to the shoulder upon which the bearing seats.
#3 I don’t believe so though they could . The #0 we restored recently did not have these screws. They appear to be adjustable in the sense they could take out a bit of lateral play once the roller bearings are adjusted. IMHO.

T and T Press Restoration

See attached photo

image: Vandercook.jpg


Hi Tom — That is a beautiful restoration image.

Would you explain this part of your answer please:

” … #2 Yes, though the wheels are bearings and the bolts are eccentric to the shoulder upon which the bearing seats.”

It looks like I would be able to clean it better with the carriage off but I do not want to mess anything up.

What did you use for the rubber stops, those look brand new!

Attached is an overview of the entire press.

always grateful,


P.S. Interestingly, the press had a name plate from National Paper & Type Company in New York. I bought it from a lady in Mexico City.

image: No0_VandercookProofPress_6719.jpg


By eccentric I mean the center line of the bolts shoulder portion is not the same as the center line of the head of the bolt (screw).

So when the screw is turned the bolt shoulder moves up or down depending upon which way you rotate the bolt. This is how the correct rolling clearance is obtaining to allow the carriage to glide along the rails with just the right amount of friction with no up and down play along the rails.

The source of 1/2’ medium/hard rubber is McMaster-Carr.


Another shot

image: vandercook01.jpeg