Printer’s Block Information Needed Please

Hello…I was referred to this website and told maybe some of your members could help. I will appreciate any info I can get.
I recently obtained a Metal sheet that looks to be a Printers block. However it is about 18” X 14”. After much research, I found it is the Printers block that was used by the Dolly Toy Company in Tipp City Ohio to make the boxes for their Disney Mother Goose Character Pin Ups in the 1950’s. I have found some pin ups for sale which still had the boxes included and I can tell this is the template..printers block or whatever you call it. I have no knowledge on this topic at all.
Can anyone tell me where I would even begin on finding the value of this printers block? I eventually would like to sell it. I also have one similiar but its a block for the company Kitchen King and it was for making labels for peanut butter in tubs.

Can anyone tell me if there is possibly more of these same printer’s blocks? The company for the Disney one, Dolly Toy Company was in Tipp City and I believe they may still be in business. I’m located only about 40 minutes from there so its obvious how I obtained it.

I would appreciate any info at all…thanks so much!

image: MAYEBAY 227.JPG

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There would have been one for each color on the box. If the company used more than one press at a time, there may have been more than one set.

Generically these are known as cuts (I presume because the image was “cut” into the metal with an acid bath). Letterpress printers, such as those who inhabit these spaces, still collect and use these, though larger ones like this wouldn’t be of much use unless one were intending to reprint the box. Possibly the images on the box could be trimmed out and used individually. Can’t really tell from the photo. I doubt you could get $10 for this from a printer.

Who knows what a collector of Disney material or even of he Dolly Toy Co., would pay. That’s outside the expertise of most printers. I’d check eBay for similar items.