base for heidelberg windmill

Hi i’m new in this forum.

I have a heidelberg windmill, and i want buy a base, i see the base of boxcar but the shipment to spain is very expensive, my question is if you know a other buyer from europe. The other possibility is doing the base whith aluminum plate and rectificate in CNC. Which is the height of the base? I’m working normally with magnesium plates of 0.069”.


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i would think you could find someone (local) to machine to thickness required, a piece of aluminum, you can use. .918- .069 = .849”. .849” - .010/.015= .835” thick. .010-.015 is for double side tape to adhere. i found a little thin is better than a little thick as i can shim out to type high for proper roller contact to plate. i shim behind the base to push out evenly. i am new to the printing on a windmill, vs a lot of time numbering.
I had a sterling honey comb piece machined down to thickness to use toggles and .250” copper foil plates to either print or foil with