Lockout Delay


I have a 13x15 Heidelberg Windmill with lockouts. I love having lockouts and use them all the time when setting up the press. Just yesterday I noticed an issue with them — when I “unlock” them, they delay through one cycle of the press. They give a little jump when they SHOULD move but don’t actually move until the next cycle around. I oiled every oil spot I could find that might relate to the rollers & lockout mechanism but it is completely possible I missed something.

Any ideas? Perhaps I am missing something obvious or using the lockout function incorrectly. I learned and printed for several years on Windmills without lockouts, so perhaps I missed a key element.

Thank you!

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Hi Annie; OK, first of all, you have a 10 x 15. I don’t believe the 13 x 18’s had lockouts. Does the pin you release go all the way in on the first go around? There may be dirt or something else obstructing it. It should move freely. -Bruce

Whoops, that was a frazzled typo, yesterday was a busy day. :)

Hmm, you’re right, it might not be going all the way in. I’ll investigate!

the pin at end of handle is quite hidden. maybe check the socket for it for debris, it would indicate a hostile environment, dirt. Can you push it in by hand when it cycles the 1st time? Is there any noticable slop in the linkage?

image: windyrollerdrive.jpg


image: windyrollersocket.jpg