Adana Quarto adjustment dial - solved

*Update: there is a screw to the left of the dial (not pictured) that I was finally able to loosen. Now the dial and hinge spins which causes movement of the platen that I can see. So I guess this is solved. Just leaving this here in case any one else had a similar question.

Hi All,

I have an Adana Quarto and when the press is closed there is a numbered dial on the hinge that has a screw.

It’s too tight to just turn as is. When I loosen the screw the dial just spins and from what I can tell nothing moves. I’ve read this can raise and lower the platen but I just don’t see how it’s supposed to work.

Wondering if anyone out there has any tips for how this should work. Or how I can reset it if it’s lost its way. For the first time today I dabbed some 3in1 oil on some of the hinge moving parts. Letting that soak in for now.

Thanks in advance :)

image: IMG_0046.jpg


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loosening the dial will simply allow the dial to turn without it’s associated mechanism. put it back where it was and tighten. use a hair dryer on the area to heat gently, that should help oil to penetrate better.
automotive, “ATF” or automatic transmission fluid will penetrate even better. follow up with an oil though.

Thanks ericm. I tightened up the dial so that is not moving any more.

I had another question if you happen to see this:

(In this second picture) So, I am finally able to loosen the screw on the left and once loosened I can adjust the dial and I see the platen move up and down a bit.

So I wanted to ask / confirm what my process should be.

Loosen the screw on the left
Adjust dial
Tighten the screw on the left

Does that sound right?

Thanks again
(Oh and the tip about the hair dryer was very helpful.)

image: IMG_0068.jpg


yes i would tighten the screw before using. if you are careful, (watch for springs or ball bearing), Take the screw all the way out, may be able to oil the problem directly.

excellent! thanks for the advice :)