Standard Ink Colors

I know I found a list last year when I was looking but I can’t seem to find it now. I’m looking for a list of the basic colors you need for mixing ink… such as reflex blue, red, yellow, etc… can someone tell me the name of the colors needed to get started?

Thanks so much!

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I may have found them. Can someone confirm?

yellow, warm red, rubine red, rhodamine red, purple, violet, reflex blue, process blue, green, black, and transparent white

If you can find someone with an old Pantone Formula Book it will have all the colors except maybe the newest additons. Most Printing Companies replace these every year or two. That’s where I get mine. Even one that’s 5 or 6 years old will really get you a lot of colors. I have a 2000 & 2002 edition. A little ragged but usable. I got them free.
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Thanks for the tip!! I will call around today to see if any shops have older ones.

Thanks again!

I was looking at the NA Graphics site, and they list “”Oil Based Letterpress Ink Assortment, Yellow, Green, Brown, Job Black, Mixing White, Deep Blue, Orange and Deep Red, 1/4 pound tubes” for $65.75.

Indeed, the Pantone master set is the lot to go for. You have the list on your second post.
The book referred to by someone else even gives the recipies for the thousands of colours that can be mixed from the basic set. Remember its TRANSPARENT white, (which looks very odd, sort of creamy /buff in the tin) you would find vast differences with ordinary opaque white.
When Pantone arrived in the trade it was a godsend to harassed works managers being
driven potty by Advertising folk, who didn’t ( and dont) understand our problems.

In passing, I use a great deal of Opaque white satisfying my own artists demands, and I mix it myself from powdered Titanium Di-oxide pigment and Drying linseed oil, saves a lot of money.

Anyone know of a place to get those colors in Rubber Base 1/4lb tubes? Instead of forkin’ it over for the big 1lb can that I see every where.