Adana 3-HS parts Help needed

Recently i purchased a Arab Crown Folio from a gentleman on the internet, as a bonus part of the sale he also gave me an Adana 3-HS for free.

I have spoken with Caslon and they advised me that the parts i require to get the 3hs back up to working order are not available through them.

I would love some help if anyone knows anywhere i could find these parts or even better has any spare parts for the press, i have included some pictures and any help on the matter would be amazing,

I am an absolute beginner to letterpress and ideally would like to get this back to working order but i am not sure what parts are missing and even if it is repairable. all i know is there is the full arm assembly missing.

image: thumbnail_20191128_144328.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191128_144322.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191128_144338.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191128_144340.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191128_144346.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191128_144354.jpg


image: thumbnail_20191129_171144.jpg


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That is a old one parts are going to be hard to come by, you may have to find another one for parts to make one complete press. eBay UK or Australia
it has a fairly complicated roller arm system. this is a smaller one.

image: 19EA48B8-1B28-45EB-BAAA-6DB5D0723191.jpeg


How awesome to find so many photos of Adana HS3s all in one place!

I found one about 4 years ago, and it was in ill repair, but my husband restored it, and we ordered new rollers from Caslon in the UK, who are the present suppliers for Adana presses, and I believe they still make new ones. They may be able to help you find parts.

They are nice machines….I prefer them to an 8 x 5.