Age of Chandler & Price New Style

Hello! I have some identification questions about what I believe is a Chandler & Price New Style. (I have some basic familiarity with Vandercooks, but my background is in etching. I haven’t printed on a letterpress in over a decade so I’m a little rusty with the terms.) There are photos of the press attached.

The company I work for has a non-working C&P and I am making a commemorative plaque for it. How do I figure out the size of the C&P (8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 14.5x22, etc). Is it by measuring the size of the chase?

How do I find the press’ serial number? I looked at the location on the press suggested by Excelsior press/”how old is my press”. If I found the right place, it appears to be covered by a chase frame? (not sure if that’s the right term). I tried to move the lever to release the chase, but the lever does not move. Does the chase slide in? Is it possible it could be stuck? (see photo with the circles)

Or does anyone have suggestions on what the age of the press might be?

What is the part of the press called where “C&P, Cleveland, Ohio” is stamped?

One last question, is the official name “C&P New Series” or “New Style”?

Also, if anyone has interesting facts about this particular press, I would love to hear them so I can include the facts on the plaque.

Thank you!

image: serialnumbercircles.jpg


image: press.jpg


image: pressupclose.jpg


image: cpstamp.jpg


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The C&P Company called it a “New Series Press” in their literature, See the parts list at:

The serial number is behind the chase at the upper left of the bed, behind the chase. To remove, lift the chase hook on the right, slightly behind the bed and chase. If it is stuck with rust, hit it with some penetrating oil and let that soak in. I like Kroil; WD40 is pretty useless here.

The Serial number will also tell you the model. Or you can measure the inside of the chase dimensions. This is either a 10x15 or 12x18, I think.

It’s called the Rocker, in the parts list referenced above, if you’re referring to the one in the photo. If referring to the one at the back of the press, it’s the Name Plate.

Since it is a New Series press it was built after 1911 and before the last press rolled out in 1964. The serial number will tell you more.