Miehle V50 & Type Cabinet

V-50 Miehle Vertical & Type Case

- last used 2009-2010? [not set up to print]
- I purchased it in 2010
- it was used in Peterborough - I bought it in Georgetown >> owner used it for about 6 years before he sold it to me
- I am in the process of moving, so I can’t even get to the press really to take good pictures - i’ve done my best, some of them were taken when I first bought it
- the type case has at least 6 drawers (perhaps 8)? - I can’t look inside of them to see what fonts are inside (I don’t know if they are parts of a font family or are totally unique) >> I can do this is you are interested in the case ** I would like to keep 1 drawer (but no pieces of type)

it came with:
- instruction book for operation & maintenance
- many counters > the printer used it for numbering triplicate forms, etc.
- some dies - circle, door hangers, invites - prev. owner says that companies around still make dies for it (i’m guessing they’re standard)
- came with 2 large chases, keys, furniture
- some old ink
- some old picture/advertising blocks

- S/N V 21122 ?
- 3 phase motor
- FL Amps 8.0/4.0
- Voltage 208-220/440V motor
- Cycle 60 Hz

- previous owners had the press hardwired
- I received it with a large braided 3 cord hanging loose so, it needs a phase converter
- my pressman (now over 80 if still living) suggested 3 things:
- static ⅓ HP loss
- rotary no HP loss
- variable frequency drive
(but those interested probably knew this already)

- if interested, I can get better pictures and info on type case
>> I can’t seem to upload pictures anyway…so you will need more pics if indeed interested


(i am not sure if the ad is allowed…as it is a large machine)

Must pick up.

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image: sn.jpg


image: typecab.jpg