Line-O-Scribe Show Card Writer Press

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on the site. I am working to move a print shop that was in the basement of my previous house to the new one. The previous owner had operated the shop from about 1972 to 2000.

There is a Chandler & Price OS 8x12 (1903 manufacture), a Challenge Advance 28” cutter (1913 manufacture), several cabinets of type and paper, as well as a Line-O-Scribe Show Card Writer press.

I have found a few posts about the Line-O-Scribe, with some confusing information on what is on the press for markings. This one has the name Doehler on the casting that supports the adjustment to the upper roller assembly, as well as the placard for the Line-O-Scribe Show Card Writer. I have attached pictures that hopefully will help others in identification of their presses in the future.

The questions I have are- What is the angled black bar to the left of the frisket? It pivots on a rivet through the frame. How do you determine the actual size? The bed is 32.25” long by 11” wide, but the area with the printed grid is 11” x 17”, which I assume is the actual measurements.

My next great adventure is getting the 8x12 up the basement stairs! I think I will pull the flywheel and crankshaft, as well as the throw off lever so they do not get damaged, and hopefully fit up the 28” wide staircase.

Thank you for taking the time to help me with my questions. There is a lot of great information and collective knowledge on the site.

image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_1.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_2.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_3.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_4.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_5.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_6.jpg


image: Line-O-Scribe_Picture_7.jpg


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