C&P Serial Number Not Visible

I just purchased an old-style C&P and would like to determine the year of the press. I have looked for the serial number on the left corner of the press bed and cannot see it. Is there another way to identify the press or serial number?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Pics of press and detail of the left corner of the press bed attached.

image: 94351080_2661808277384215_3088417829007917056_n.jpeg


image: IMG_3096sm.jpg


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It looks like someone sanded the press bed! Unfortunate.

The serial number is/would have been where that white splotch is.

I know of no other serial number locations.

Is it a 7x11 press or 8x12? There were not many 7x11 size made, compared to the other, larger sizes.

The gear guard is missing on the right. Does the platen have it’s tympan bales? I see what looks like some duct tape where the upper tympan bale should be.


Sometimes the number will come up if you start removing rust and grime from that spot. Seems to me like I see the milling marks on the bed, so shouldnt have removed enought metal to erase the number, even if sanded or whatever.

Scott is right. Your press bed looks very rusty and coated with old ink. Scrap it off, then sand or clean with very fine sandpaper or steel wool. Even when they are almost gone there will be a ghost of the number. My Old Series also has the serial number stamped in the main gear. Look under the feed board. I have posted a photo from mine. Old Series did not have Gear Guards, only New Series.

image: SerialNumber.jpg


I don’t believe that is a Chandler & Price. Too much detail on the flywheel which is also weighted. The press does not have a throw off.

I suspect it is an early Gordon made before 1884. If it doesn’t say Chandler and Price on the back name plate, it ain’t a C&P.

I suspect it is an early Gordon made before 1884. If it doesn’t say Chandler and Price on the back name plate, it ain’t a C&P.

Good Point John! Now that you mention it, it doesn’t look like a C&P flywheel

Mike at foothillpress,

Addressing your comment Re: no gear guards on Old Series C&P presses. My 7x11 came with a factory gear guard. Serial number A18.


image: 7x11-gearcvr.JPG


John is right. This is not a C&P, but likely an older Gordon press. The flywheel is not right nor is the chase latch. No OS C&P has a locking chase latch, which seems to be present on this machine. Chances are there’s no way to determine the actual age of the machine beyond “late 19th Century”