De-skidding a 13x18 Heidelberg Windmill

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my fair share of getting 10x15 windmills off skids but this is my first 13x18 purchase and let me say it is a handful!

On the 10x15s there are 4 holes through which steel rods go in and a forklift would lift the whole machine by them and set it down and you’re done. With this one it seems to only have two holes in the front. I must be missing something because otherwise I can only tilt it backwards which is useless.

I checked under the chase clip cover for an eye bolt screw hole and thought of maybe roping the top to the forklift mast to offset it from tilting backwards in hopes of lifting a few inches and setting it down but there is nothing under the chase clip cover.

I don’t want to rope the top from anywhere haphazardly in fear of the pressure of the rope from the weight breaking any parts like the truck rails or oiling lines or roller arms for example.

The bottom sides on the backside have circular covers which I removed thinking I can put a rod through and through but inside there are gears and arms blocking the way.

It is said that the machine is about 5300lb (a 1950s model) so I really don’t want to explore any options that will risk me or the press. I’ve restored it and smoothly printed a 5000 job run while on the skid which was “okay” but I’m definitely not happy with this at all and if I can’t get it off then I’m going to have to somehow reinforce the skid in case of it getting worn down with usage.

I just thought someone on here for sure has had a 13x18 and dealt with getting it off the skid at some point or another what am I missing??


image: 24f2d02c-e65e-461c-88e4-473c53b84d0b.jpg


image: 962c275e-f20c-413e-bf0f-aa24a42407b9.jpg


image: c1818e12-a148-42cc-be40-72423be8d32c.jpg


image: 94485177-3e83-4edd-a108-bbac35c31400.jpg


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I had a 13 x 18 GTP, I always used an equipment rigger to move it. I usually wasn’t around to see how they did it. I came across this post, maybe it will help. Hire a rigger to remove it is the safest. Rotate the press by hand and see if the gear arms move out of the way. I also found this If you scroll through the pics you can how they did it. good luck

western411 - I checked out the posts but the issue is I couldn’t find the eye bold to lift it from the top and as far as adding small wedges goes I’m afraid of tilting it backwards to add the wedge and all the weight moving to one single point in the back and breaking the skid. I might reinforce the skid for now until something better comes along or if some new information comes to light as to how to lift the backside of it. Thanks for the posts though much appreciated!

Not sure but there may be 2 bolts along the frame. I know with other presses I have had heavy ring bolts with 2 or more lifting points. Did you ask the people you bought it from how they got it on the pallet. There has be be an easy way to do this. Here is my repairmans email, he is a nice guy and may be able to help you. [email protected]