Hamilton Museum a Real Treat

I had the opportunity to visit the Hamilton Wood Type Printing Museum this weekend in Two Rivers, WI, www.woodtype.org and what a treat it was. If you have any interest in wood type, presses or just seeing some pretty cool machinery this is the place to go. Probably the most amazing thing was the 4 foot high woodcut number two that hangs on the wall and imagining the press that used this type and the job that needed it. I would like to thank Greg for showing us around and educating me on the finer points of wood type and letterpress printing. If you are ever in Wisconsin it is well worth the trip.

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I’ve been there as well, and it is pretty awesome even if you aren’t a printer. My Other Half is a woodworker and he got a real kick out of the routers they used to use. (He even added a little hope for me when he muttered, “oh yeah, i could make some maple wood type…”)

I say its a must if you are in the area. Check out some pictures of it on my flickr page(click here). They hardly do the place justice though.

Another vote for the museum and Greg Corrigan. I took a workshop there a few years back and it was amazing. It’s absolutely heaven for woodtype fans.

And jenny73, I love the Phil Rohrer’s diner sign. I cracked up every time I drove past it.

Thanks to all for sharing these experiences. An important feature of the new Printer’s Yellow Pages is the ability to attach feedback and comments like these to the listings. For more information on feedback see http://www.briarpress.org/5695. Maybe someone would add some comments to the listing for the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.