Pricing 8” x 12” Old Style C&P

I need help bidding a press. I am looking to purchase a C&P 8”x12” and the seller has partially disassembled it to clean it and never got around to putting it back together. It has been stored in a storage unit and the pictures are attached. It has a motor and new rollers. I have been told it was in working condition previously. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

image: IMG_3609.jpeg


image: IMG_3610.jpeg


image: IMG_3611.jpeg


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A press “kit” like this should cost less than a fully operational press requiring no assembly or adjustment. 8x12OS C&Ps regularly sell for $1200 - $1800, depending on condition and location. I think $500 - $600 would be a fair price for this assemblage of parts, considering there are (apparently) new rollers included. FYI - the screw threads on these are mostly non-standard, so if they’re not all included, you’ll have fun identifying them and having new ones made. Also, from your photos, there may be some partd missing.

If this is your first press, I would advise not buying it. As Bill said, it looks like there may be parts missing. Go for one that is fully assembled and in good, operational condition. It will cost you more, but totally worth it in terms of trying to find parts.
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