Need fiber gear for rollers on Little Giant #6

Does anyone have recommendations on a source for the fiber gear used on a Little Giant #6? I need at least one, and I know someone else who would like a spare. I had heard a rumor that there are equivalent ones available to purchase, but I am at a loss as to how to find it. The fiber gear has 12 teeth and has a 1/2” center hole. The gear is 1 inch wide and 1.4 inches in diameter.

image: LittleGiant-Fiber-gear.jpg


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I have seen one recently on ebay, believe it or not, might still be up.

Jack L. Popkin Co. used to be Little Giant specialists; I was told about 15 years ago by a Little Giant owner that they still had many parts in a storage room, but you’d have to go there yourself to get anything. I don’t know how true that is today.

Forget Jack Popkin’s parts. They tossed those Little Giant parts years ago when they moved.

McMaster Carr has the part you need.

I have them as spares here for my Little Giant. The hub is wider than you need, but it can be easily trimmed.

Made from Nylon plastic:

Michael Vickey
Nickel Plate Press

Thanks, Michael, and also Eric and Scott. That is great to have this source. I actually found a couple of spares yesterday in a box of junk that I had overlooked, and one is almost perfect - much better than the one I wanted to replace. But I will order a spare just in case.

I bought this Little Giant a few years ago, and finally got it wired up this week. It runs, for the first time in over 40 years, from what I was told. The wiring was a bit of a mystery, but a friend helped figure it out. We also determined that the stop switch was miswired, but that is fixed.

Now I have to go through all the adjustments in the manual. So I may come back with other questions!