windmill slowing down


I have this issue on one of my windmills, as soon as I trip suction the machine slows down. Or to be more specific, when the platen moves up it slows down, then the rest of the cycle runs fine, picks up a new sheet and then slows down again.

For all I know it could be the clutch, so I might try to adjust that just slightly. But the strange thing is, if you manage to keep it running for a while, it usually goes back to normal speed after a while. And it just happens suddenly. The previous sheet was slow, and then the next it just jumps to normal speed and that’s it. Or at least until you miss a sheet and it stops. When you start again, it’s the same story, slows down for a while.

Could there be a problem with the pump perhaps and not the clutch?

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I’d check for oil on the flywheel, allowing the belt to slip. Make sure it’s clean and dry. I’ve also poured a small amount of type wash onto the clutch while it’s running to clean out any excess oil. The last thing to try is to adjust the clutch, going with 1/4 turns only. These things have worked well for me. Good luck!

Exactly for me it happens too, I cleaned from oil and still the same situation, how do you adjust the clutch?

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