Old Letterpress Movie Plates

Hello everyone, I wanted to know if there was a Market for Older Movie Plates, they are Kinda Large like 13” x 8” and other sizes, the front looks to be Copper and the back lead, they have movies such as Mary of Scotland with Katherine Hepburn and also British Agent with Kay Francis and Leslie Howard among other ones, if anyone knows of anyone interested please email me at [email protected], I have pictures that I can send… Thank you

image: 24959D9D-4A6C-4E9F-994E-4863E8ADD4B5.jpeg


image: BD258FC8-8758-4396-A27E-7259D9341DB6.jpeg


image: 098A29D7-9D1D-414E-877A-28E04D6EBF80.jpeg


image: 137695EA-C872-4F95-8390-C73D8BCC4467.jpeg


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