cleaning press

What is the recipe/ration of water to California Wash for cleaning Pearl press?

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Here it is 100% wash, 0% water. I have a C&P OS 8x12, but I don’t think the press makes a lot of difference.

are we talking about clean-up after printing? or cleaning up a really cruddy old press?

For after printing clean-up, I use 0% California Wash, 0% Water, and 100% mineral spirits. It works like a charm, and my rollers appreciate it.

For cleaning up a cruddy old press, I use 99%Water, 1% Dawn Dishwashing Liquid…. and a pressure washer.

WCP- I use Simple Green instead of Dawn, but otherwise we agree.

Thanks everyone. I was trained at SFCB and we start with Crisco, then veg oil, then a wipe of diluted CA Wash. I have certainly used 100 CA Wash 100% when the ink sat too long.