Any interest in Cherry Blocks for Laser or Carving?

Looking over my supply of Cherry Blocks for laser cutting, or hand carving, I’m almost out…. and so will be doing a small production run this month for my own uses. If anybody is interested, I may be making some extra pieces for sale…. but I’ve not yet decided if there is enough market for it.

I’ve been making my own blocks for ~10 years, and they have proven to be extremely stable over time, with no warpage or splitting. They are not solid blocks, but are 1/4” Cherry laminated onto a birch plywood base, very similar to those sold by Mcclains, but thicker, and cheaper.

Sizes would be any even cut from a 12x24 large piece…. ie 4x6, 6x8…. and so forth. Since I’m making these myself, I could possibly make customs sizes.

So…. if I do make some extras, is anybody interested? If you are, would you prefer .75” thick or .875” inches thick and what sizes would work best for you? (both sizes are easy to shim up to type high)

aka Winking Cat Press

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Hi Dave.

I am interested. what is the price for smaller sizes? 2x4, 4x6, 6x8 thanks, Mike

Hello Foothill P….. I’m still in the “thinking about it phase” but it looks like the price will be in the $5 range for a 4x6 block…. maybe $3 for a 2x4 and similar price per square inch for other sizes. That’s not written in stone yet. It depends on if there is enough interest to justify a large enough order for materials.

Right now, I’ve had several e-mails and your comment so it’s a definite maybe. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Mike…. Thanks for your interest, but judging from the very small response there is not enough interest to justify making extra blocks. So I’m just going to make enough for my own uses.

aka Winking Cat Press

Hi Dave,

I’m interested in learning how to make blocks for my own use. Assuming this isn’t proprietary information, could you give me some pointers? Thanks either way!