Built a DIY Proofing press

Finished my DIY proofing press early this year. It cost approx £220 in materials and was actually quite an easy thing to build. I had the main stainless steel roller fabricated because I do not own a metal lathe but apart from that everything else is simple to build.

Pleasantly surprised that this thing can even be used for etchings and aquatint. I was planning on buying an etching press too but I think this could just meet my needs for relief and intaglio

You can see a full build video and some test prints here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wa0a3vTafE

any questions feel free to ask

image: P1090471.jpg


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What a great small press!

I used a very similar desing for two of my presses…. because it works beautifully!

The only addition I’d recommend is to add a gripper bar. It will make alignment / registration easy. Here’s a link to my press’s gripper here on Briar Press:


Good work! When you get a chance, please post a pic of the underside. I’d like to see how you handled the truck adjustment problem.

aka Winking Cat Press

Thanks Dave, yes definitely need to think about a gripper bar, thanks for the link